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  • Cubs Game!

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    My first thoughts upon waking up to my alarm on Sunday morning were panicked: “It’s late!  Am I late for Finance?!  We have a quiz!  I still need to study!” After my initial panic subsided, it dawned on me: today was the day of the Cubs game!

    Pushing the Finance quiz (temporarily) out of my mind, I got ready, and headed to the bus parked outside of BIF.  The MBA office graciously provided rooftop tickets (with all-inclusive food and drinks) and bus transportation to a Cubs game for students who had participated in at least three professional development events.  The professional developments I attended were worthwhile on their own, but this added perk was fantastic.

    The mood on the bus was jovial, and American students explained rules of the game to international students.  (All I can explain is the difference between the National league and the American league, otherwise understood as: the good league and the lame league.)  A combination of friendly banter, studying, and sleeping took place as we made our way to Chicago.  (Thanks for the finance notes, Jimmy!)

    As we ascended the staircase, and reached the roof, we were greeted with sunshine and a spectacular view.  Staff, MBA1s, 2s, incoming students, and alumni mingled, and watched (or completely ignored) the game.  Although the Cubs took an early lead, ultimately, the Giants emerged victorious.  As we left the rooftop to board the bus, I reflected on the Finance quiz that was the next day, the China presentation the subsequent day, and the various other academic obligations in my immediate future.  Instead of being academically productive, (or continuing my internship search), I opted to go the game.  Was the trade-off worth it? If I did a cost-benefit analysis would I still make the same decision?