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  • EnterpriseWorks Incubator

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    When I told some friends in Minneapolis that I was working at EnterpriseWorks Incubator (EW) they asked, “do you grow eggs or raise baby animals?”  No, EW does not grow eggs or baby animals.  EW grows companies.  Recently named as one of three college town incubators to watch by Inc., EW is the 43,000 sq. ft. startup incubator at our university and is fully equipped with the resources to help your tech startup incubate and grow including office space, meeting space, labs & equipment, the Entrepreneur-In-Residence program, the shared services program, and great events for entrepreneurs! 

    I am a member of the shared services team – a fantastic group of interns who work on interesting projects for startup companies in EW and internal EW projects.  Examples of projects include video production, mobile development, social media strategy, manufacturing strategy, business plan assistance, website development, graphic & logo design, market research, and more!  I have had the opportunity to work on business plans, complete market research, and work with interesting entrepreneurs like Justin Essig – a Illinois MBA graduate and CEO of Revenio Technologies, and I love working on projects that contribute towards the success of local entrepreneurs! 

    If you are interested in entrepreneurship like I am, join me at one of the free EW events and let’s talk about the numerous resources and opportunities available for student entrepreneurs.  Perhaps we can even work together to spot an opportunity, collaborate with an Entrepreneur-In-Residence, write a business plan, compete in the Cozad New Venture Competition, win office space in the student startup room at EnterpriseWorks, utilize the shared services team to complete market research, create a website, design a logo, and develop a promotional video that we can use in our online crowd funding campaign.  In my opinion, this sounds like more fun than growing eggs… unless you have a good idea for an egg business, that is. 

    Photo: the EW Intern Team (Matt Grimm is second from the left, back row)

    Blogger: Matt Grimm is an Illinois MBA student.  He is currently interning at Research Park for the summer.