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  • Interning As A Joint Degree Student

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    This summer I am the business development intern at LM Consultants, an architectural and engineering consulting firm headquartered in fantastic Grayslake, IL. The firm provides due diligence and construction administration services for commercial real estate investors and lenders. I enjoy the job because I have gained an understanding of the real estate market that I previously lacked. It has opened my eyes to a side of architecture that some architects do not realize exists. I find my time being spent in one of two ways. 

    First, as a part of the marketing department, I am constantly in contact with current and prospective clients. Through these conversations, and also my own market research, I attempt to identify trends in commercial real estate. I know that the consulting projects I did through Net Impact and the Global Consulting Program have helped to prepare me to interact confidently with clients as well as to ask the right questions. I especially feel that my experiences in GCP have been crucial in this area.  

    My other time is spent working with the engineers and architects. On a good day, this means site visits to new construction projects, or building walk-throughs in order to assess the current condition of a property. On a less exciting day, this means flipping through seemingly endless construction plans, contracts, and documents. As a joint degree student with architecture, this internship has allowed me to get experience in both fields. I have been able to use unique skills gained in the MBA, as well as my technical architectural background, to tackle problems on the job.  Overall, my time at LM has been a pleasant learning experience and I cannot think of a better summer internship to suit my intended career path.

#1 Jul 16, 2013 10:27 am quote

John, I'm glad you have been able to use your experience and knowledge to gain a better understanding of an industry that fits well with your blended degrees. I'm sure you're leaving the place better than you found it.