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  • My Last First Day Of School

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    Even though I’ve just driven for two hours, dealt with a robbery at a friend’s house and gotten little sleep, I feel energized.  That can only mean one thing; the last first day of school.

    As I walk through the gradually waking campus, the sights of bleary eyed students stumbling to class along with the slowly rising temperature remind me of first days past.  I think of last year when, newly transplanted from California, I marveled at the grandiose buildings and of course BIF as I carefully approached it, wondering what this school year would hold for me.  Today was no different as I found myself with that same feeling that though I was walking to sit in a classroom, it felt like everything was possible.

    My first day went almost as one might expect, running the gamut of professors and classes.  The humorous professor with the magnetic personality who teachers the self-proclaimed hardest class on campus, the professor with class you’re almost certain you’re going to drop, the professor who is great to listen to however you’re almost certain you missed a number of important things you should’ve written down and, of course, the class that was supposed to be “fun” and realize is going to be a nightmare are all present.  Probably the only common thread among all of the classes is the thorough discussion of the syllabus.  Much like my walk to classes, I started to feel like I was just starting my MBA as I began thinking there was no way I was going to make it through.  Like last year, I just had to put my head down and make it happen.

    While it’s likely this is my last first day of school, in many ways I want to say it isn’t.  The skills and motivation I’ve pulled from within myself to meet the challenges and rigors of the MBA program have me thinking I can get any degree.  Maybe I’ll add a few more before I leave.