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  • OTMA SCM Career Panel

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    “Companies are scrambling to hire people with supply-chain expertise. But these experts are hard to come by.” quoted from the WSJ in the opening remarks of the SCM (Supply Chain Management) Career Panel by Jimmy, OTMA’s (Operations & Technology Management Association’s) current president. As an MBA student concentrating in Operations, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and network with six high profile supply chain professionals from Sears holding, McCormick, MSC and beyond.

    The panel went by each guest speaker introducing himself and his role within respective companies with deep perspective of the supply chain function, ranging from inventory and transportation management to demand planning and data analytics. Whether it was an experience of ten years in logistics like Tim Goski from KeHE Distributors Inc, or thirty years in distribution like Jon Grubb from MSC Industrial Supply, I sensed the same passion and commitment of making things better.  No wonder they mentioned these characteristics when answering the question of how to prepare for a supply chain career.   Lastly, when addressing my question about how should a supply chain professional position himself in the company, Tom Freitag from Sears Holdings encouraged us to be adaptive and take on challenges presenting to us.  

    A networking session with delicate refreshments was held after the panel, offering a fantastic occasion for us to further interact with the panelists. I learned more about analytics development from David Wagner, SAP BW manager at McCormick, and also GPS application from Taylor Nicks, manager at C.H. Robison Worldwide. It was one of the best career panels that I’ve participated in the MBA program and I appreciated OTMA and MBA office, who worked hard to put this together.  Let’s foster more events of the kind!