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  • Africa Business Club: It's just the beginning!


    Africa Business Club: It's just the beginning!

     On Friday Oct 4th 2013, we officially launched the Africa Business Club at Illinois. The successful launch event was well attended by faculty and students across different departments at the University of Illinois.

    During the event, the ABCI leadership team (composed of 2nd year MBAs Ladi Ogunnubi, Damola Kale, Jide Adeyemi, Gabriel Ejezie, Nhan Vo, Webiro Wasira and Christiana Laleye) spoke about the club’s mission and goals; “Africa Business Club at Illinois is a pioneer student organization established with a mission of promoting business and related activities across different sectors on the African continent through the University of Illinois network and beyond. We formed the Club because we recognized our unique positioning in being able to provide a suitable platform to educate, enlighten and promote investment interests and opportunities in Africa”.

    The Club will be hosting the first in a series of annual Africa Business Conferences in April 2014, and we welcome your support and attendance. The conference will be held on campus and will bring together successful business leaders from here (the US) and Africa, who will give key insights into business practices and opportunities on the African continent. The conference will provide an avenue for businesses, faculty and students to establish professional ties while learning more about the various industries and sectors on the continent largely heralded as the next frontier for opportunity and growth.

    Membership of our organization is open to University of Illinois students of all disciplines. Feel free to contact us at if you would like to become a member or are interested in learning more about our events.