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  • Women In Business: Silent Auction

    Traditionally, every spring semester Women in Business hosts a silent auction to raise funds for club activities and every year, the club leadership adds their own touch in organizing the event. This year, apart from reaching out to professors, we have reached out to our very own classmates and asked for them to donate their time and skills. Items range from group dinners with professors and their families, a tiramisu cake...

  • The Kola Foundation: 5k Race!

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    The Kola Foundation hosted its second annual April Fools 5k last Saturday, March 30th. The Kola Foundation is a not-for-profit organization run by Illinois MBA students with the mission of bettering the lives of the Lakota people and stimulating economic development on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation...

  • GCP Brazil: I refuse to say goodbye, so I will see you later

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    How do I recap such an incredible, eye-opening, humbling, tiring, and slowly fast-paced trip? We worked so feverishly hard in small groups to create a product that highlights weeks of research, analysis, and preliminary strategies to provide value to our clients. Though each team had a slightly different interaction and amount of time with their clients, every team seemed satisfied and excited to be equipped with insights, tips, and direction to prepare their final deliverable... 

  • GCP Brazil: The name of the game is agility

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    Ideally, the first two days would have gone just as planned. We would have arrived in paradise and the embrace of the sun’s rays, warm breeze, and cool waves would more than distract from the task at hand. Sure, ideally, we would all have tans by now, asked several times to participate in the upcoming World Cup and Olympics, and dined on the best steak Brasil has to offer while paying close to nothing...

  • IIP Israel: AT&T and Intel Visits

    I'm late to work. I'm really not but it feels like it as, slightly behind schedule, our bus speeds towards AT&T's Foundry, their R&D center in Israel. The understanding of how an industry giant has mobilized to stay relevant in the competitive U.S. telecom market cuts through the haze of a few hours of sleep and serves as a lesson and inspiration... 

  • GCP China - Shanghai: Our Client Presentation

    Today was the day we've spent the semester preparing for: our presentation to our Global Consulting Program client.  My team had spent many hours, and a few flights, working on our research and deliverables.  Weekly late night calls have been the norm because 9 pm in Champaign is 10 am the next day in Shanghai...

  • IDF and the President

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    Sprinting up and down steep dunes with sand blowing into my eyes and 17-year-olds barking orders at me is not normally my idea of a perfect Sunday morning. Neither is transporting stretchers weighed down with 40-pound sandbags along choppy shores or burying half-naked men in sandy slopes for a cruel game of hide-and-go-seek... 

  • GCP China - 5 Fun Facts

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    Beijing Olympics: 5 Fun Facts

    Our China trip team went to the 2008 Olympics site today, seeing sites from the Olympic Village to the Aquatics Center and stadium.  Along the way we learned several fun facts about the investments China made for the Olympics and how the buildings are being used now.  These facts include...

  • GCP: Brazil

    The first taste of Brazil was the warm air that greeted you the moment you stepped off the plane into the gate. Dave shared glances and Aerian high fived people - we were here. Still not real, we all confirmed father winter did not make it onto the flight with us as the exotic trees swayed in the breeze and the mountains in the distance confirmed he was no where in sight. Greeted by Meriana and Felipe, our tour guides, we converted our US dollars to Brazilian Reaies... 

  • IIP - Off To Israel!

    Welcome to Israel!
    Welcome to Israel!

    On Friday morning, we boarded our bus at 6:45AM – many of the Innovation Immersion Program (IIP) members were sleep deprived and bleary-eyed, and a few of them were chipper from their coffee rush.  Yet all the same, there was a smile on every face...

  • Update from O'Hare: En Route to China

    En route to China!
    En route to China!

    Growing up in central Illinois,  I always liked O'Hare Airport.  For anyone who has been delayed at O'Hare, that's likely a strange statement.  The reason why I liked O'Hare was because it meant we were en route to a new adventure...

  • MBAA/MVA: Illinois MBAs Combat Stress

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    Last week the programs U.S. veterans rallied 44 Illinois MBA students -- with a great mix of first years, second years, dual degrees and PhDs -- to drive out to Charleston and spent an afternoon shooting at one another. The first of hopefully many annual paintball excursions was a great hit...

  • 2013 Alumni Banquet

    The 2013 Alumni Banquet took place on Friday, March 1st at the JW Marriot in downtown Chicago.  

  • Spring Kola Trip: Red Cloud and Little Wound

    After months of correspondence and preparation, three MBA students from The Kola Foundation traveled to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota to promote the foundation’s higher education initiatives.

  • Illinois MBA Strategy Case Competition The Event

    The 2013 Illinois MBA Strategy Case Competition was held February 7 – 9 in the Business Instructional Facility.  Ten schools (Arizona State, Baylor, Connecticut, Hong Kong UST, Illinois, Iowa State, Michigan State, Minnesota, Penn State, and Purdue) participated in this exciting competition.  Event sponsors were Bosch, HD Supply, and Whirlpool.

  • 2013 Illinois Strategy Case Competition

    Even though the faces on Thursday night’s cocktail reception showed a little bit of anxiety for what was going to come up over the next 48 hours, the faces on Friday morning at 8:15 a.m. were a completely different story!  All the hours spent on preparing for the internal rounds were about to be put used towards a marathon of 24 hours that did not include any sleep (may be a 10 minute nap), lots of crackers and Sun Chips, and insane amounts of going back and forth discussing DropBox’s growth strategy.  The Illinois MBA Case Competition was a great experience for me.

  • Women in Business Leadership Conference

    I had the pleasure of attending the first annual Women in Business (WiB) Leadership Development Conference on Friday, February 1 at the ACES library on campus. The conference theme was “Unleashing Your Inner Potential,” featuring several sessions of speakers and workshops. The night before, a nice pre-conference networking reception was held at Crane Alley in Urbana. The lead coordinator for the conference was MBA2 student Vanessa Fuller, along with the previous WiB board (Stephanie Barry, Laura Schneiderman and Doreen Lee), the current board (Priyanka Kushwala and Christiana Laleye), MBA2 Lindsay Gross, and PMBA Krista Kimme. Over 30 guests attended, including full-time and part-time MBA students, undergraduate students in business, LER students, and several men!

  • Birthday Celebrations

    Last month the MBA program hosted a birthday celebration in the MBA lounge for all students with a January birthday.  Because this is the inaugural birthday event, the celebration was for all students with fall birthdays as well.  Between the full-time and PMBA programs, I would estimate that more than 30 people circulated through the festivities. 

  • MBA & MBAA Networking Reception Sponsored by AT&T

    This past Thursday, the first networking event  of the semester was held in the BIF Commons and was sponsored by AT&T. 

  • Wall Street Prep Professional Development Workshop

    The MBA program hosted a “Wall Street Prep Technical Finance Interview Workshop” on Friday, January 18. This session is part of the MBA Professional Development program that is open to all full-time MBA students. 

  • India GCP: The Last Chapter

    As I sit at home in Illinois writing this final blog entry, I still can't believe that less than two days ago I was halfway around the world, and that I have been on 3 continents in the last 48 hours!  Our last moments in India were fun ones, and the trip home was an interesting one for some of us, too!

  • GCP India: Chennai

    After visiting two of Asia's largest and greatest cities, many on our trip were uncertain what to expect from India's fourth largest city, Chennai.  What we've found here are friendly people, a very traditional society, and a local economy that's growing and increasing in opportunity.  And as we'd come to learn, not only does Chennai make for an interesting visit, but the rural parts of Tamil Nadu state offer much more than we expected.

  • GCP India: Mumbai and Chennai

    Wow!  It's been a few days since I've been able to sit by a computer and log an entry from our latest round of travels in India.  I've always felt that time away from my journal is the sign of a fast-paced,. active trip, and that's exactly how I would describe the last few days for the India GCP team.

  • India Global Consulting Program (GCP) Trip

    Our experience in India has only lasted 3 days, and already it's been a terrific and utterly unforgettable trip!  

    We arrived in India (via Switzerland) in the wee hours of December 31st.  Our flights to New Delhi were certainly long (8.5 hours from Chicago to Zurich, and 7.5 hours from Zurich to New Delhi), but they were otherwise comfortable and hassle-free.  Upon arrival at the New Delhi Airport, our team  disembarked from the plane ready for adventure - But first, we needed to overcome some serious jet lag!  (New Delhi is 11.5 hours ahead of Champaign, as we're literally halfway across the world from UIUC!)  After leaving the airport, we promptly headed for the Hotel Vikram, and spent the better part of the morning recovering from 18 hours of travel.  


  • Winter Kola Trip

    Kola, the non-profit organization run by Illinois MBA students sent five students to Rapid City, South Dakota over winter break to assist with the Lakota Nation Invitational (LNI) High School Business Plan Competition.  Current students Melissa Chua, Brittany Hopper, James Cantu, Aaron Kumar and Shelly Wohadlo traveled to Rapid City December 18-22nd to attend the event and judge the competition.  In preparation for the competition, Kola members created an instructional video for high school students: “How to Create a Business Plan.”  The videos were distributed to participating high schools to help students better prepare for the event.