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  • Media Relations Award: Bill Bell, NCSA

    Bill Bell, 2010 ACME Award Recipient
    Bill Bell, 2010 ACME Award Recipient

    An important part of our next honorees duties is ensuring that his organization builds and protects its reputation as a national  and international  resource for scientists conducting cutting-edge research. That involves pushing exciting news to the media that reach audiences as diverse as scientists, government bureaucrats and corporate executives. It also means handling the crush of media interest when you announce that youre building one of the worlds most powerful computers.

    Bill Bell has spent years developing an understanding of the issues and opportunities the National Center for Supercomputing faces, as well as developing strong relationships with the media who cover the industry. He understands the deadlines and limitations of various media, and he’s able to help them tell our story of excellence through data, anecdotes, images and more. In the past year alone, NCSA has issued more than 100 releases, features and videos, which have caught the attention of enough reporters to log about 430 media hits.

    Bill also understands the value of finding new ways to connect with audiences using new media. Over the past year, he’s led the NCSA team’s efforts to build their fanbase on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. He’s reached out successfully to the science blogging community, and he’s creatively used video to tell the NCSA story.

    Bill is a valued member of the Chief Communications Officers group, and we count on his wisdom and creativity year in and year out. Bill Bell, we are delighted to present you with the 2010 ACME for excellence in media relations.

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