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  • Orange Krush

    Returning to campus after fall break is such a bittersweet feeling.  I was sad to leave a home full of great food and better family, but I am excited to get back to campus and end a great semester!  There is however one thing that excites me more than anything about returning to campus and that is Illinois basketball.  Coach Groce and the Illini are currently undefeated and everyone on campus is very excited about how our team has been playing so far!

    This year, I am a member of the basketball student cheering section, Orange Krush.  As a member of Orange Krush, I have the opportunity to sit right next to the court every single game.  Never have I experienced such an exciting atmosphere as when I had the opportunity to sit courtside while Illinois played 18th ranked Gonzaga my freshman year.   If you are a basketball fan of any sorts, I recommend becoming a part of Orange Krush when you get to campus!

    Orange Krush is a student led organization that not only cheers at every basketball game, but also has the opportunity to give back to the community around us with grants and donations going to many local charities.  This past year, the Orange Krush Foundation donated approximately $150,000 to the University and 61 charities.

    Many other College of Business students like me are involved with business organizations but are also involved in the Orange Krush Foundation as well. Joining Orange Krush is not only a great way to support our university, but also a great way to meet other students from around campus. 

    Waiting for the game to start!  

    I had to share the view with this guy for the entire game! 

miachung@163.com Mar 9, 2014 8:37 am quote

Cool! Is there any video online?