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  • Interviewing 101

    Hi guys!!

    Congratulations to the students admitted to the College of Business on Friday, February 14!  Come visit us on campus and get a chance to see what the College of Business and student life is like.  Speaking of student life, now that Spring Career Fair 2014 is over, companies are back on campus for interviews!

    Interviews take place on campus and are coordinated through our Business Career Services.  Interviews are a stressful time for all students because so much is on the line. But thanks to our Business Career Services, mock-interviews and resume critiques are provided daily to help students prepare. 

    Typically, interviews are set up about a week to two weeks in advance.  Companies will host a pre-night, giving interviewees the opportunity to meet the greeter and interviewers that will interview them the next day. This is a chance to get more informal questions answered and interact with various members of the firm. The following day, the interview takes place.  Interviews last between thirty minutes to an hour and consist of various types of questions from behavioral interview questions to technical financial questions.   After, there is ample opportunity to ask questions to your interviewers as well.  Interviews are a great time to show how polished you are as a student and young professional.  Check out our Business Careers Center page for more advice and tips on interviewing!

    Hope to see you on campus soon,