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  • My past few weeks

    Hey all,

    Sorry its been a while since my initial post. College has kept me pretty busy...Ill detail my excursions for you all:

    Among my course load, I have BADM 375, which is Business Process Management. It’s a fun, but difficult class. More math than I expected. The course was pretty simple for the first half, mostly just lecture and some basic homework problems to turn in online. The professor is from Duke, so he’s clearly brilliant, but I wish he used more in-class examples. The second half of the course really picked up, and we have project after project applying what we’ve learned. I just finished a five-part take-home midterm. We had about a week to do it, but it was surprisingly difficult, as many take-home midterms are. The project consists primarily of measuring a firm’s productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency, and finding problems/solutions with the process. It definitely would have applications in the real world, which helps me personally to keep a good perspective on the assignment. After that midterm (which I just turned in 15 minutes ago), we have the “Littlefield Simulation,” which is basically just a mock business process that we have to keep prosperous. It’s pretty intense…our grade is based on our assets on the last day, in comparison to the rest of the class.


    That’s primarily what has been eating up my time in school. Aside from that, I’ve been doing my normal photography and video jobs for the College of Business. Yearbook deadlines are constantly coming and going so I have to keep up with that. Admissions affairs have kind of slowed down for me, since fewer students have arranged visits. The deadline is Jan. 2nd ish, so I’m sure a lot of students have already applied and will just wait until they are accepted to visit campus (perhaps when it’s a little warmer). Just speculation, though.

    Outside of the College of Business and school, I’ve also been doing a lot of studio recording (from my basement of course). I set up a little recording studio in a spare room of my house, and my friends and I are currently in the process of creating an album. It’s pretty time consuming, but always fun. Just have to keep that balance with school work and extra-curricular activities. It’s an ongoing struggle that I have.

    FINALS!! Great news on the final exam frontier! I went to my ECON 302 (Intermediate Microeconomics) class the other day, to find out I got an A on my exam. Always nice to see. Furthermore, I had an A on my previous exam, and the professor announced that he would take the best two exams out of three and make it our grade. There’s no other grading going on, just exams. So basically, I don’t have to take the final exam for this course. Score. I do however have an exam on Friday at 8am. Not looking forward to that... I have no other finals otherwise, and will be done with school on the morning of December 10. It will be great.

    I’ll be writing about a specific topic soon (get excited!), but I just wanted to share my past few weeks with you all so you understand what students do (or at least what this student does).

    Let me know if you have any questions, comments, etc!