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  • Business Diversity Exchange

    One of the big events...

    Hello, everyone! So, I know it's been awhile. This semester has been super busy (in a good way), and I am glad to say that I am officially done with finals. I only had two finals this semester, since I finished all of my other classes already. One of my classes had an optional final--you could take it to replace one of your exam scores if you needed to. I thought that was a pretty nice option, since any of us could have a bad day when taking an exam! Otherwise, my third semester of college is officially done!

    One of the big events of this semester was the Business Diversity Exchange. Business Council, an organization I'm super involved in, was one of the sponsors of the event, along with the College of Business and a few other organizations here on campus.

    The first night of the event was an "around the world" of food. There were about 10 companies at the event, and we had a meet and greet. Being Greek, my favorite room was the room with Greek food! We had all sorts of food, and all of it was good! Talking to the companies was very informative, since they had a mix of younger employees and veterans, so we got to see both perspectives. Being a sophomore, it was actually pretty neat to see some of my friends from last year working full-time at these companies. We were friends, and at the same time, they were working more as a recruiter than just a friend.

    The next day, we went to several workshops dealing with diversity. The keynote speaker was Darryl Cheeks, who spoke to us about his experiences in diversity throughout his years of business in Champaign and Chicago, where he has been extremely successful. The other workshops were led by companies who sponsored the event, while even more companies participated alongside us in the workshops. My group worked with several members from PwC, and our workshops were led by groups from Ernst & Young and Caterpillar.

    We learned that diversity is about more than skin color or ethnicity. Instead, it involves experiences, educational background, values, etc. Everyone brings something new to the table, and the more we are able to accept and actually seek out diverse people with diverse backgrounds, the better it is for a group project, our school, and even a company. Overall, it was a great event, and a nice break from the usual Saturday (non-football weekend) routine!