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  • Making U of I Small

    A common concern for prospective students is that will they be overwhelmed with how large UofI campus is. Many students come from small towns, closed rural areas and worry about just being a number or falling through the cracks as they like to call it. In all honesty UofI is as big or as small as you make. All the resources that you could ever imagine are here, you just have to be proactive in taking advantage of them. Here are two stories that might ease your doubt.

    Last spring, I answered an essay prompt completely wrong for my English 101 class and lost quite a few points. I emailed the professor asking if there was anything that I could do to fix this. He then emailed me back within fifteen minutes with his home phone number. He willingly spent time on his Friday night talking to me from his home to help me understand what I got wrong and ways to fix answering the prompt. Many students have similar stories about their professors going out of their way to help your experience in their class.

    Every week, the Latino Cultural House (La Casa) invited every Latino within U of I to celebrate traditional holidays or to just hang out and socialize. It was great chance to feel involved in something so inclusive that it almost made me feel like I was back at home surrounded by the people I love. Their are many more stories and experiences from not only myself but it goes to show that U of I sincerely cares that their students feel welcomed and show that we are definitely not “just a number” to them.

    The key to succeeding at U of I is to be proactive. There are thousands of professors, staff members, programs, organizations, clubs and groups who want to help you succeed. You just have to get out of your comfort zone and walk straight into them and let them know you're here!