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  • No luck at the Career Fair? No Worries!:

    No luck at the Career Fair? NO WORRIES!:

    Securing an INTERNSHIP as an Underrepresented Freshman or Sophomore Student

    I am currently a Junior in Accounting, but I once was a Freshman in the College of Business (COB), without career plans, no knowledge of networking, and much less knowledge about internships.  As I joined organizations and met people (AKA networking), I was introduced to these minority student internship programs, and I want to now make a one-stop shop for all of them.

    This post will instruct you on how to secure an internship for this upcoming summer.  I will focus on two main ways to secure this internship and they are: PwC’s Semester of Discovery Internships (SDI), and INROADS internships.  Other ones to look into are the Google BOLD internship and other company programs that are similar to PwC’s SDI program.   

     My first internship was an INROADS internship, but I will talk about my PwC SDI internship first, since it was the most recent.  This past summer, I had the opportunity to intern with PwC in their San Francisco office as an SDI intern, working mainly with Tax HR.  I will go into more detail about this internship in another post, but just know that it was an AMAZING opportunity.

    How to secure an SDI internship with PwC:

    -Meet Beth Compton, PwC’s Lead Recruiter for this school OR email me and I can put you in contact with her OR attend a future ALPFA event, where PwC will present and she will be in attendance (details to come)

    -Ask her about the SDI internship

    -Have a resume

    -Be willing to intern in other cities

    -Keep in contact with Beth Compton throughout the school year, attend lots of PwC campus events, and do research on the Firm

            -Get a high GPA, or if you are a Sophomore, maintain or raise your GPA

    -Get involved within the COB

    -When the time comes, apply for the internship, and if you did all of the above, you will have a really high chance of getting it

    -And enjoy your internship this summer

              Now let’s move on to INROADS.  Basically what INROADS does is they recruit and train underrepresented Freshmen and Sophomores, and pair them up with a company (they work with companies such as UTC, MetLife, PwC, Boeing, KPMG, Target, and E&Y), for a paid, yes I said PAID, internship.  My first internship was with Walgreens, through INROADS.  It was great experience, while getting paid! 

    How to secure an INROADS internship: 

          -Go to INROADS.org, click on the STUDENTS tab, click on APPLY NOW, then click on START APPLICATION

          -Fill out the application completely and do EVERYTHING it tells you to

          -Be on the lookout for INROADS coming to campus

          -Have a resume and participate in their resume critique and mock interview

          -Participate in their Candidate Prep Session (has great tips on every aspect of getting an internship, from how to dress professionally, to the interview process, to how to send a follow-up email)

          -After all this, you will receive a call from INROADS asking you if you would like to interview with one of the companies they work with   

               -You get connected with a recruiter from the company and offered an interview

         -Repeat the previous process multiple times, as in you get contacted for multiple interviews

         -Rock the interviews

         -Send a follow-up email and keep in touch with the company representatives after the interview

         -Accept an internship offer

         -Have a productive summer interning at the company

     These steps may sound a little easy, and it is because they are!  You only need persistence and to not give up on the internship search, and you will find one for this summer.    

    If I missed anything, I will comment on my own post, and just add it here, so if you read this and you feel like you have done these already and want more, make sure you check out the comments section.

    Thanks for reading!  Good luck with the internship search and comment or email me if you have any questions or would like me to help you personally with this.  I would love to help!