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  • 3-0!

    The exciting news from this weekend was Illini football winning its third straight game this season. It was one of the best football games since I've been on campus--everyone was beyond excited for the win and the rest of the season!

    So what does this have to do with the College of Business!?!

    Well, for me, it's one of the best aspects about the College of Business. You see, you get to go to a Big Ten School that has over 60,000 people at a football game. You have excited alumni and an incredible atmosphere. You have everything that makes a big school great--other Big Ten sports, thousands of organizations, an amazing campus, and more.

    And, within the College of Business, I have the small-school feel. I know my advisors. I know my professors. I take classes with my best friends, people I met through getting involved in business classes. I can make a REAL impact and differnece on a huge campus.

    When I was picking schools, I kept trying to decide if I wanted a big school or if I wanted to matter and make a difference. When I visited Illinois, I realized I didn't have to decide.