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  • DBC Dinner

    The DBC (Dean's Business Council) hosted a dinner last Thursday that I attended.  It was an awesome opportunity that the College provided students to network with successful alumni.

    So what is the DBC?  The Dean's Business Council is a group of prestigious alumni all looking to give back to the College.  They give back by serving on an advisory board to the Dean and interacting with current students at events like the one this past Thursday. 

    My Dad is actually a new member to the DBC so it was great to see him, but also interact with other alumni.  The dinner was held in the atrium of BIF.  It was some of the alumni's first time in our new, beautiful building and they thought it was awesome! 

    The night started with a small "meet and greet" reception where I talked to professionals in various lines of service.  My impression was that most of the alumni would be working at large accounting firms, but that wasn't the case at all.  I met professionals who work at Tootsie Roll, Goldman Sachs, and Coca-Cola.  It's really interesting to hear alumni talk about their career paths, most of them didn't wind up where they thought they would be. 

    After dinner, students asked questions - anything ranging from the alumni's favorite college memory to some of the tough ethical decisions these professionals need to make at work.  It was great to hear them reflect on their days at the U of I as well as what they're doing now. 

    I'm really glad the College hosted this type of event.  The College really cares about connecting alumni with current students and building our large Illini network.  Feel free to respond with any questions or comments and GO ILLINI!