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  • Signs you know it's test time..

    Its is that time of year again, when everyone goes into their respected remote locations around campus; the Business Instructional Facility and its many corridors, to put in some hard earned hours before the clock strikes test time.  Test preparations almost always get in the way of personal life, but have no fear freshman and prospective students, today is your lucky day. I am going to share with you the list of signs one may start to notice when preparing for college exams. But don't worry young one (yoda's voice), this is just what happens when you go to one of the top business schools in America.

    These are just a few and I am sure you guys can come up with much more than my fried brain. Feel free to post your “signs that you have a test” list below. 

    Dirty bedroom

    • Laundry hamper is way beyond capacity.

    • Running shoes are starting to collect dust – again (top priority for this weekend).

    • Unable to remember the last time you cooked something let alone go to the grocery store.

    • One word. Mail (both U.S. Postal Service and personal e-mail) have left unopened.

    • Being woefully behind on my entire favorite TV shows, but again, looking forward to catching up on them over the weekend.

    • Pencils and erasers are worn out from the amount of writing and erasing they went through as I studied and took exams.

    • Apartment nowhere as clean as it usually is (or at least as I would like it to be) #cleanfreak.

    To conclude, I do have one last sign. It is the beautiful hours of sleep you get after the long nights of preparation for that exam…Happy November Y'all!