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  • Mr. Business

    Monday night was one of my favorite philanthropies of the semester - Mr. Business!  Mr. Business is a male beauty pageant for the men in the four business fraternities and Business council.  It's hilarious to watch my friends compete in this silly competition every Fall.

    As mentioned, Mr. Business is a friendly competition between the five major business organizations on campus.  Each organization has two members compete in a talent portion, Q&A session and finally a marketing sales pitch.  This was the fourth annual competition and the first time a member from my organization, Phi Gamma Nu, won so it was really exciting for us!  The winner was Scott and his talent was all about golf.  He bounced a golf ball off his club and then - if that wasn't enough - gradually stood up on top of a body ball and shed his Nike sweats and Illini pullover so he was in khakis and a golf sweater - it was SO cool!  I had no clue he had that kind of balance, defintiely a good hidden talent! :)

    Another memorable performance was made by Danny of Business Council.  He did a spot-on impersonation of Dean Hedeman.  Actually, if you check out the new Admissions facebook page at www.Facebook.com/illinoisbusiness-admissions you can watch it.  It's great attending a College where we can poke fun at the Deans and they can laugh along with us.

    The event cost $5 to enter and all the proceeds went to the Boys and Girls Club of Champaign.  I think it's great that all the business organizations can come together for such a fun event and give back to a great cause in the community!