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  • Less Than a Week Until Thanksgiving Break...But It's Leadership Time!

    We're gearing up for our last week before Thanksgiving Break, which is always an exciting time of year. Group projects are wrapping up, classes are starting to wind down, and exams are right around the corner! Even with all that, it's one of my favorite times of year for a completely different reason--RSO Leadership!

    What am I talking about? Around this time of year, RSOs, or Registered Student Organizations, commonly start choosing their leadership for next year, 2012. Business Council, the organization I am currently President of, just elected it's new President for next year. The transition will be underway soon! Sororities and Fraternities are already selecting their new Executive Boards, and so much more.

    The great part is that freshmen, too, are getting involved. There are a ton of chair positions in Business Council, for example, that are available to freshmen. You can come in, participate in an organization for a semester, and then help guide its future and lead other members during your second semester of college. We are always about getting involved early, and it's incredible how much ownership you can take hold of if you want to.

    This goes back to my earlier themes--get involved EARLY. If you wait until you are a junior to get involved, your friends will already be President! It's like play off the old saying from Chicago voting...Get involved early, get involved often!