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  • Leadership Opportunities

    We're all back from Thanksgiving Break and gearing up for the rush before finals. For those people heavily involved, which should be everyone, that means one other thing: leadership turnover! Around this time of the year, many organizations select new leaders. For freshmen who got involved right away this Fall, that means they can lead organizations in just their second semester here.

    Many organizations offer a variety of different positions depending on just how involved you want to get. For example, I am part of Business Council, and members can be coordinators, who plan certain types of events; chairs, who plan events and lead an entire committee; and executive board members, who oversee chairs and steer the direction of the entire organization. All members get to be on a committee and help shape some part of the organization. There are so many opportunities for everyone.

    The best thing to do is to ask older friends and mentors, find out what they did to excel, and try to find a combination that works best for you. Leading, once you are involved, is incredibly fulfulling as you get to shape an organization that you truly love. And, you have an amazing time while you're at it!

    It all starts with GETTING INVOLVED RIGHT AWAY!