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  • Registering for Classes

    As this semester comes to a close, all the students here are thinking about which classes to take next semester.  Students in the College of Business must fulfill their University requirements as well as their College of Business requirements (also known as the "Business Core" requirements).  If you don't plan ahead it can get difficult and confusing to stay on track. But if you meet with your counselor or an older student it can be really simple.

    The first time you register for classes will be over the summer at orientation.  I recommend doing some homework prior to arriving on campus in regards to what classes you want to take.  Feel free to browse the catalog or contact a current student who may be able to offer some suggestions and tell you a little bit more about their experience.  Typically, most freshmen will be taking the introductory economics and accountancy classes, computer science and Business 101.  This will vary from student-to-student, but most freshman schedules are very similar.

    One of the things I really enjoy is taking general education (gen-ed) classes.  Currently, I’m enrolled in an ancient Roman history class (HIST241) and I’m really liking it.  The great thing about gen-ed classes is that it really breaks up the day so you aren’t just sitting in business classes all week.  Some other gen-ed classes I’ve taken are food and human nutrition (FSHN120), Asian-American studies (AAS100) and even a severe and hazardous weather course (ATMS120).  Browse through the catalog to see what sparks your interest!

    Click here to be directed to the course catalog: https://my.illinois.edu/uPortal/render.userLayoutRootNode.target.u41998l1n6.uP;jsessionid=25837469BED6C226447525757504073A?pltc_target=210253.u41998l1n6&pltc_type=RENDER&pltp_action=catalogSubjectsView#u41998l1n6

    Feel free to message me if you have any questions about courses or scheduling!  Good luck!