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  • Glorious Finals

    High school was great. Primarily, because most of us didn't have to study in high school. How I miss those days...

    As you can all see, I'm writing this post at 3:45am. Normally, if I'm up this late, I'll be working on some new project for photography, video, or music stuff. But no, not tonight. Tonight is dedicated to studying for finals.

    Although finals are technically supposed to be from December 9-16, many BADM professors don't like having finals during the technical Finals Week. I'm guessing they are just as anxious to get home as we are.

    Therefore, the Business Administration (BADM) majors are lucky enough to get most of our BADM exams on the Tuesday or Wednesday before Reading Day (the day of no classes before finals week). Don't get me wrong, I love getting out of school earlier than everyone else...but these two days are brutal.

    Enticing, right? Shout out to all the prospective students. It'll be like this everywhere. At least at Illinois we have BIF, so we never have to sleep. Stay up all night studying, grab a coffee at Espresso Royale, and head to our exam.


    Party it up with your textbooks this week. Peace.