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  • That one special course

    Wow. Eighth semester on campus and it feels just like any other. Except I'm taking all the classes I've been putting off for four years. I finished up my GenEds last year, so my final semester on campus consists of 5 BADM classes (Business Administration, not Badminton).

    Four of the five classes are typical Business Process Management classes for my BPM major. Very fitting. Those fill up 13 credit hours. However, my fifth class that I added in early January is a class that I think I'm going to really love.

    See, at the end of last semester, a couple of friends and I found out that a professor (who will go unnamed) had taught a class about negotiations in the past for the law school. The course sounded really interesting and seemed like a good tool for anyone with a future in anything in mind. We asked the professor to offer the course again, for our final semester.

    She agreed to teach it. The budget didn't agree to let her teach it. So she agreed to teach it for free.

    Are you serious? A person who makes a livelihood out of education has agreed to give it up just for the pleasure of teaching us the topic? I LOVE THIS COLLEGE.

    The class is going really well. And I'm excited to dig deeper into negotiation techniques and ethics.