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  • Attending the Career Fair as a Freshman

    This past week the College of Business has been buzzing with the excitement of the Career Fair. The Career Fair can be a stressful, yet an exciting time for students in the College looking for internships and full-time jobs. I believe if you attend the Career Fair as a freshman and start creating relationships early on, it'll make your life a whole lot easier once you are a junior or senior.

    I remember going to my first Career Fair during the Fall of my freshman year.  I was really nervous and kept thinking “who would want to hire a freshman?”.   What I didn’t realize at the time was that employers really are looking for freshman.  As a freshman in the College of Business you’ll take a Business101 course.  This course, amongst other things, will teach you how to write a resume, talk to recruiters and dress professionally.  My section leaders also stressed the importance of finding a Job Shadow at the Career Fair.  Job Shadows are days over winter break when freshmen and sophomores go spend a day at a company in a field they are interested in.  When I attended the Career Fair, I located the accounting firms and talked with their recruiters about Job Shadow opportunities.  I applied for a handful of Job Shadows at different companies and got an offer for one that winter break at KPMG.

    KPMG is one of the largest international accounting firms and definitely a place I knew I would be interested in working at one day.  At the job shadow, I got to meet partners in different service lines and young alumni from the College of Business who talked about their own experiences.  It was really cool to hear the path they took to get to their end destination.  All of the young alumni stressed the importance of staying in contact with recruiters and firms we thought we may be interested in.  I listened to their advice and stayed in touch with KPMG over the past 3 years and now I will be an audit intern in their Chicago office this summer.  Whether it was visiting them each semester at the Career Fair, attending KPMG events my business fraternity hosted, or stopping by their booth in BIF to say hello when they visited campus – I’ve always let KPMG know that I was interested in them and I truly believe that is how I landed the job.

    If you have any questions about Job Shadows or Career Fairs please let me know!  It may seem a little overwhelming now, but I promise the College always provides great advice, service, and opportunities to its students to make the process easier!

    Go Illini!!