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  • Working Across Campus

    One of the great aspects of U of I is that we not only have an amazing, top-rate undergraduate business program, but also other amazing programs across campus. I got to see, first hand, how beneficial this can be.

    I assist one of my professors in designing part of a course, and there were significant changes made to the class last semester. This semester, we wanted to see just how effective these were, and whether the message got through to students. We decided to create Focus Groups to better understand what students thought.

    I immediately started working on designing questions for the focus groups, and my professor suggested I get in contact with one of her friends, a professor in the Sociology department. I got to meet with this professor one-on-one and learn all sorts of new Sociology techniques, read an interesting article, and refine the questions. We're now in the process of gathering feedback from students to make the course even better.
    Professors here are amazing. They are constantly trying to figure out how to improve something that is already awesome. And, in the process, they empower students to reach outside their majors, improve many other skills, and make us all well-rounded. That's Illinois for you!