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  • Exploring Downtown Champaign

    This year a lot of my friends brought cars down to campus.  Even though Green Street has some really awesome places to eat, we’ve been enjoying exploring downtown Champaign!  There are so many great eateries that no one really knows about.  We’ve been using the iPhone app, UrbanSpoon, and seeing where it takes us. 

    Our first adventure led us to Blackdog, perhaps the very best BBQ in the entire world.  Blackdog is this tiny restaurant, only about 12 tables, and has people waiting over an hour to eat.  Since our first visit, I’ve now been back a handful of times, both with my parents and friends.  I’ve ordered the brisket every time, although I think the best part of the meal are the beans.  I highly recommend this restaurant when you visit campus next!

    The following weekend we wound up at a little hole-in-the-wall place named Thara Thai.  Thara Thai had amazing pad thai.  It was a little pricey, but the portion was huge, so no complaints.  The third time I went to Yellowfin Sushi – it’s not too far away from Assembly Hall.  I absolutely LOVE sushi so my friend and I had fun trying a few of their specialty rolls, and of course, the seafood salad.

    Trying all these off-campus places has been really fun and I know we’ll continue to do it the rest of the semester.  If you drive down on your next visit, take a little time to explore the downtown Champaign area – there’s actually a lot of fun things to do that are unique to this area.