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  • Course Registration

    Registering each next semester can sometimes be a very stressful process. I have learned over past three years to start early so I don't get overwhelmed once my timeslot opens. I have a few basic resources that I use when registering.

    1. Plan multiple schedules on scheedule.com. This website is amazing. It has the entire U of I couse database and lets you play around with class time slots. All you have to do is enter the couses you plan to take during the semester you are registering for. Then you can manually build a schedule or the website will come up with every possible combination available with your classes. You can also give schedule preferences such as a one our lunch slot, no classes before or after certain times, and whether you want your classes clustered together or spread out. I highly recommend this site for everyone!

    2. Schedule an appointment with your advisor a month in advance. Registration is one of the busiest times for our advisors. Typically, advisors calendars are full with appointments two weeks before registration opens. I always like to go over my course plan with my advisor to make sure I am on track to graduate.

    3. Check out different professors' ratings on ratemyprofessor.com. This webstie has honest reviews of most professors on campus. You can see their ratings in easiness, helpfulness, rater interest and clarity.

    4. Talk to your friends! People who have taken classes in the past are some of the best resources to use when picking classes and professors. They know how classes run and which professors are more popular for certain subjects. Students have a wealth of knowledge and are nevery shy to tell you the truth!

    If you plan head and use your resources wisely, registration can be a breeze!