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  • Lessons I've learned

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    These are just some of the many lessons I've learned. Feel free to comment below for anymore insights. Enjoy!

    Don’t take on commitments just because they’ll look good on a resume.
    Joining 10 committees, co-founding organizations, volunteering all while juggling a full course load and 10 hours a week at my job definitely keeps me busy, but what I learned was I am no superman.  Putting together a solid resume is important, but so is a balanced life.

    Check your email
    In high school, your email account may not have been important to you other than for Facebook, but now that you’re in college, this isn’t the case.  Your email becomes a critical communication channel to very important people in all different parts of your life so make sure if you have a smart phone sync it and check up on it.

    Study somewhere other than your residence hall.
    Residence halls are set up for comfort, end of story. The library is probably the place most people think of when it comes to choosing study spots, and for good reason.  My secret study spot is the BIF fourth floor and also the great outdoors.

    Invest in some good headphones.
    Good headphones can fix the worst of study environments. Also they look great! If $100 ear phones are a bit out of your price range search online or just simply buy lower priced ear phones that do the same thing.

    Don’t bring so much stuff to college.
    Bringing all my stuff home after my freshman year ended was a pain, especially on a plane to Houston, Texas.  I brought way too many clothes, random computer parts, and other junk, and I ended up not even using most of it.  Bring the few things you can’t live without and leave everything else at home.

    RainyMood.com + Favorite music = perfect study sounds.
    Great study music can make any all-nighter into a bearable night.  My favorite is to combine RainyMood.com with one of my Spotify playlists.  Works wonders for me!