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  • Homecoming

    Homecoming this year was as good as ever thanks to some incredible alumni, both new and verteran! Illinois has one of the largest alumni databases in the world, and that means inredible people with incredible stories come back to campus. This weekend, I had the chance to interact with one special group of alumni. The College of Business has it's own Dean's Business Council, a group of brilliant minds with an incredible track record who come back, meeting twice a year, to see how they can serve the College. The College invited students to dinner with the group Thursday night, and I met several different alumni. On Friday, the DBC members visited sections of Business 101, a class that I do an incredible amount of work with. These alumni, some of whom graduated over 60 years ago, still bleed orange and blue.

    Additionally, Homecoming meant I get to be reuinted with many great friends from Business Council and other groups who graduated this past year. Although I tend to see them from time to time back on campus recruiting for the companies they now work for, Homecoming is the one time of year basically everyone is, well, home! What's the craziest part of all of this? Next year it will be MY Homecoming. The time flies...