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  • U of I Bucket List

    My December graduation date is fast approaching and all I can think about is all of the things I have yet to do here on campus. There are some great traditions and activities at the University of Illinois that most students try to accomplish by the end of their senior year. Here's a glimpse of my bucket list:


    1. Climb the Altgeld Bell Tower - There are daily tours up the bell tower and you get to help ring the bells that play all over campus during passing periods.

    2. Take a picture with the Alma Mater - This is a must for every student on campus. Unfortunately our lady Alma Mater has been removed for cleaning during the year, but she is promised to be back up just in time for graduation!

    3. Explore the stacks in the main library - What could be more exciting than a huge collection of books!

    4. Join the Mug Club at Illini Inn - For all the 21-year olds out there!

    5. Rub Lincoln's nose in Lincoln Hall

    6. Eat a sandwich at Fat Sandwich - This is gross and I probably will not fully complete this item. Fat Sandwich's menu consists of foods such as chicken fingers, cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks that are compiled on a sandwich and topped with french fries. Sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen.


    My friends and I have enjoyed exploring campus over the past 3 1/2 years and accomplishing different Illini traditions. Let us know if you have any neat Illini traditions of your own!