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  • Full Circle

    Looking at the last few posts, 'tis the season for us old seniors to give you some advice. I'll continue that trend! I am finishing up my fourth year, and looking forward (sort of) to graduation in May. I'll be spending a couple months in Europe and then starting full time at PwC doing Management Consulting. Until then, I plan on fully enjoying my last 16 weeks in Urbana-Champaign. Time flies. 

    So, what's the point of my post? Four years ago I was sitting in some of your shoes. I was admitted into the College of Business at Illinois, along with a bunch of others. It was a tough choice. But let me share a few things that have made my experience here one of a lifetime.

    1. It's a big school and a small school. This is huge for me. Illinois has TONS of opportunities. It's a Research I university. We have over 1,000 student organizations. One of the largest alumni databases in the world. That's all huge. AND THEN we have a College of Business with just shy of 600 students in the freshmen class. 
    2. The small school means community. In business, we all work together, we study together, hang out together on weekends, and more. I read all this info about a "College of Business family." Admissions fluff, I figured. Nope. It's real.
    3. BIF. The Business Instructional Facility. Google it. This is our home. Be jealous. We spend all our time here. In between classes? We hang out here. Studying for an exam? We hang out here. It's glorious.
    4. The people. Obviously, I'll throw in the cliche response, but the people here are great. I have had friends stay up until 3am helping ME study for an exam they have to take too. It's nuts. There is no negative competition. B-School is all about groupwork. I couldn't pick a better crew.
    5. Organizations. There are a ton of business-specific student organizations, and these help define my experience. I live with friends from Business Council and know tons of people in other organizations, too. I go to Semi-Formals, retreats (I have one this weekend!), dances, theme nights, professional events, service opportunities, volunteering, and more. It's incredible. 

    I'll stop there since I could go on forever. Illinois is an incredible place like nothing else. Trust me. Come visit and take a look for yourself.