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  • From the Home of Mozart

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    Hallo from across the pond!

    I'm happy to share that three short weeks ago I started my study abroad journey in Vienna, Austria to study at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. The trip is well underway as I’ve explored various Austrian cities and have done my fair share of palace and museum tours. I started off in Saalbach, Austria where the study abroad group skied for a week in the Alps. We enjoyed 7 full days of Austrian cuisine, discerning and adapting to cultural differences, and skiing until our legs could take no more. Everyday was a new trail, a new adventure, and a new memory. 

    The study abroad group shared a number of good laughs after every wipeout and after realizing the only way to reach our hotel was by skiing down (or up) to it. Every trip has its highs and lows, one of which we experienced on our journey home, hiking uphill at a ~2000m altitude in blizzard-like conditions. We left the snowy mountaintop windblown and out of breath, but felt bittersweet saying goodbye to our first home in Austria. The six-hour trip back to Vienna passed quickly as we recounted funny ski week memories and admired the window views of snow-capped mountains. 

    I’ve been in Vienna for nearly two weeks now, and am amazed by the city everyday. The architectural beauty and rich history of Vienna seems never-ending. One of my favorite parts of Vienna is the imperial Schönbrunn Palace, summer residence of the Habsburg emperors. A group of us took a self-guided audio tour and learned about the Habsburgs’ six centuries in ruling. I’ve also been fortunate to view a number of Mozart’s homes, the Roman Catholic St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the always-vivacious Naschmarkt. 

    I’m off to Prague this weekend so I’ll be sure to bring back some fun details next week! Also, congratulations to all the students who received acceptance letters for study abroad next semester!