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  • Career Fair

    The College of Business students can emit a sigh of relief now that the career fair is over! Last week, September 18th- 20th, we hosted 236 companies for our fall career fair. This is a great opportunity for students to meet recruiters, ask questions about various leadership conferences, internships and full-time positions that each company is offering. As required in the curriculum of Business 101, all freshman College of Business students were in attendance. Most undergraduate and graduate students attend in search of networking and job opportunities, as this is a great way to gain exposure to various companies. This three-day event truly attests to the College of Business’ remarkable student talent and how eager companies are to recruit our students. Complete with business professional attire, a revised resume and some individual company research, each student has the opportunity to attend as many days as they choose and talk to as many companies as they wish. While some students find this to be a nerve wrecking time, it is the key stepping stone to building that relationship with a potential employer. Now that the career fair is over, interviewing season is just around the corner. Good luck everyone!