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  • Back and Better Than Ever

    Back and Better Than Ever
    Back and Better Than Ever

    The year has started back up again and I can feel the excitement everywhere!  I’m returning for my third year on campus, and it feels so strange to call myself an upperclassman.  Information sessions with companies have never seemed more important, and I’ve never been to BCS (Business Career Services) more times than this week.  That being said, I would like to offer up some advice to some of the younger folks in the College of Business: Don’t wait to get involved!

    I’m sure we all had a relaxing summer, and now it might be a little bit hard to get back into school mode, but this University offers some of the best resources I have ever seen.  There are companies that come down daily and offer a variety of different opportunities whether it be networking sessions, resume critiques, or mock interviews.  My advice: go to these events for more than just the food.  Yes, Deloitte brings great tasting bagels, and PwC gives out cool sunglasses- but what is even more important is the face time you are getting with these recruiters.  Get involved, and do it early! If there is an information session for a club that you have been itching to go to, don’t wait!  If there is a particular company you want to talk to at career fair- but the line is too long, take the time to stand in it.  These are the experiences that will pay off in the future.  Though all of this is extremely important- something I am learning to do myself is stop and take a breath in between all of it.  Balance is important, so remember to have fun.  After all we’re only in college once!