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  • Halfway There

    We’ve finally crossed into the second half of the semester! That means the first wave of midterm exams are complete – that we may, or may not, be feeling good about. If that last exam crept up on you and you found yourself wishing you could pause time to clock in a few extra hours of studying, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. As a current senior, I’ve seen my fair share of classroom habits and I’m here to pass on some of my favorites.


    1. When you study, study

    How many times do you find yourself checking your phone, Facebook newsfeed, and reddit/ESPN/Instagram updates? When you sit down to study for 3 hours are you really studying for the full 3 hours? Set study time aside to concentrate and be effective. I’ve found success with the Self Control App that allows you to block access to websites for designated amounts of time.

    1. Go to class and pay attention

    Sounds easy enough but how often do you catch up on emails, doze off, or skip class entirely? You’ll be amazed by how much you learn if you just pay attention. Learn the material the first time it’s presented and take good notes.

    1. Reread your notes after class

    I know this one sounds brutal but if you understand each lesson after it’s taught, you won’t be overwhelmed when the exam rolls around. It’ll keep you up to date and the lessons that follow will reinforce your understanding rather than accumulate in a looming cloud of confusion.

    1. Understand the big picture

    Students get tied up with the details of class material and don’t understand the overall picture. Understanding the class framework will help you link together material as the class moves forward.


    All in all, exams serve to sharpen your understanding of class material, and not serve as certified stress inducers. Best of luck on your next exam and hopefully these tips come into good use!