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  • UC Device Pricing Matrix Available to Campus

    As we mentioned last week, University Sourcing has solicited best pricing offers for devices that were a part of the CITES UC Device Test Plan and placed those devices for sale in special, newly created iBuy forms. Due to the fact that many users across campus do not have iBuy access, a new UC Device Matrix has been created on the CITES Wiki.

    Check the matrix for iBuy pricing and links to technical specs for the devices. Pilot users tested the devices found in the CITES Device Test Plan, and now found in the new UC Device Matrix, for integration and functionality with UC Voice. To see the results from this test plan, please see the Device Testing Results page as well.

    CITES Wiki- UC Device Matrix
    CITES Wiki- UC Device Testing Results

    To get an in-person look at these tested devices, make sure to attend one of the up-and-coming "Understanding UC Devices" open sessions.

    Understanding UC Devices

    CITES encourages users to wait until their new UC Voice accounts are activated before contacting their individual units about obtaining any device. Waiting until accounts are activated will give users a chance to become familiar with the new software, the integrated functionality, and how they personally will be using UC at Illinois before making any device decisions. CITES does not recommend or endorse any device for use with UC Voice services. CITES will not be providing individual users or departments with devices to be used with UC Voice services. If you believe that you will be needing a device to use with UC, you should consult the Things to Consider When Purchasing a Device for UC at Illinois page first.

    Things to Consider When Purchasing Devices for UC at Illinois