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  • UC Device Users Across Campus are Sharing Their Feedback

    Campus feedback on devices being used for UC at Illinois is starting to come back to the UC Program Office. Feel free to look over this feedback as we get it back and post it here to the blog.

    CITES is continuing to encourage UC device testers across campus to share feedback about their personal experience with the UC device they are using. Feel free to check out the PDF of the first of many rounds of feedback below. These aren't the views of CITES or the UC Program office. These are just the opinions, reviews and findings of the individual UC Device users.

    UC Device Campus Feedback (PDF)

    If you are a tester, feel free to share what you love about the device. How it helps with your everyday work. What you would change about the device. What your overall experience has been with your UC device. Your feedback not only helps CITES with documenting use cases but it will also help future users with choosing the correct UC device for their individual needs.

    Are you testing a device for UC? CITES would love to hear how everything is going. Submit your feedback here...

    UC Voice Device Survey