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  • Update on Exchange 2010

    On December 21, 2011, Josh Mickle, UC Email Service Manager, sent out an update about the Exchange 2010 System Performance through the CITES-TECHSUPPORT List Serv. See what he had to say below...

    With the recent end of the semester activity we experienced a high load on the Exchange system during the last two weeks. This may have resulted in slow response times and disconnects during peak usage hours for some users. Over the next two weeks we will be performing a series of upgrades and improvements to increase capacity and performance for the Exchange system to help alleviate this issue.

    The client configuration that is most sensitive to Exchange performance is Outlook on Windows in online mode. Running Outlook on Windows in cache mode will reduce the dependency on the Exchange server and increase the performance for the end user. We recommend running in cache mode for the main mailbox for the best performance experience and in online mode for additional folders to avoid the stale caching issue.

    We know that many units have started or historically run in online mode to work around synchronization delays with shared folders and calendars. This is a reasonable step to take for those shared items, but caching isn’t an all-or-nothing configuration. You can configure clients to run in caching mode for mailboxes and in online mode for shared calendars. Configuring users this way will help mitigate most of the response time and disconnect issues that have been reported to us. It will also reduce the load on the servers, which helps everyone.

    Setup instructions for keeping just shared folders in online mode:

    1. In Outlook for Windows go to the Tools or File Menu and select Account Settings
    2. Select your Exchange Account and press the change button
    3. Press the more settings button
    4. Select the Advanced tab
    5. Uncheck the "Download shared folders" option
    6. Press OK until all options are saved

    Please let us know of any issues at exchange@illinois.edu.