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  • UC Lync Address Book Update

    Some of you may be aware of an ongoing Lync address book issue where certain campus phone number lookups in Lync could match all users who reported that phone number as their office phone in Nessie/Banner in addition to the correct Lync contact. Selecting the incorrect contact would result in calling the wrong person.

    To work around the problem of Lync clients - Windows, Macs and IP phones - not downloading the updated address book files from Lync servers on their own, we would like to switch clients from using local cache files to server-based searches.

    With this change, when you search for a contact or phone number, your client will send that search request to Lync servers and the servers will perform the search and return the results. This change has been tested internally within CITES and should not affect any other Lync functionality.

    NOTE: This change will be deployed Friday, August 24 at 5:00pm for all Lync users. This change will then be picked up when they login the next morning at 8am. Please provide feedback or report problems to the CITES Help Desk at consult@illinois.edu or 217-244-7000.

    Please also note that:

    * This change should permanently fix the address book syncing issues listed on the known issues page: http://uc.illinois.edu/lync/troubleshooting

    * Reverse lookups may not work if you type a phone number as it may not match to a name or contact. This is a repercussion of this change, but you should still be able to make the call successfully and reach the right person.

    * Clients who never logout could take a while (~ 6 hours) to pick up the search policy change.