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  • UC Service Delivery Process Feedback Session Notes

    How can CITES make the delivery of UC services, specifically Lync and Exchange, easier for you?

    *Feedback: A job aid for how/what to request in Pinnacle would be very helpful.

    *Feedback: It would help if this was part of the HR on-boarding process.


    It would be helpful to be able to track tickets and see updates and comments in Pinnacle.  Is this possible?

    It is possible to track comments and progress in Pinnacle.

    *Feedback: The comments are strung together and difficult to decipher.  It would be better to have something easier to read.


    It would be nice for there to be a tool so the department can manage their response groups. 

    For anyone who needs to control response groups, creating distribution groups as agents and switch people in and out of those groups can help you manage them.  For serial response groups, create a distribution group for each individual agent in a specific order and manage the order through the groups. 


    Who are we supposed to call when we have issues with Lync?

    You can call or submit a ticket to the CITES Help Desk.  There will be better Tier 2 support routed through the CITES Help Desk.  Email is hard to track and route and emails are being submitted as tickets in the system. 


    How can CITES make the delivery of UC services, specifically Lync and Exchange, easier for people in your department?

    How do I handle graduate students whose department wants to give them Enterprise voice accounts (phone numbers) instead of just Lync-to-Lync accounts?

    You will need to submit requests for graduate students to get Enterprise voice accounts and those numbers will need to be tracked (graduate students leaving and coming in).


    How do I provision Lync accounts to Extra Help Staff?

    Extra Help staff who are clerical can get Lync accounts through Academic Human Resources (AHR).  Extra Help staff who are technical will need to go through their department to get a Lync accounts.


    I submitted a Lync account for a new employee.  For some reason, they cannot validate the new employee to give them a new Lync account.

    New employees need an active AD and Exchange account first to be able to get a Lync account.  We are working on automated Lync provisioning. 

    *Feedback: Don’t want to automatically provision Lync-to-Lync accounts because they cannot be agents in response groups until they are Enterprise Voice enabled.


    What information about the delivery of UC services are you currently lacking?

    *Feedback: How to add new employees, terminate those that are leaving or move the numbers to someone else.


    What is the turnaround time between request submission and notification back to client?

    Requests are seen and processed on a daily basis. The goal is to have a request done within two business days.  Delays in turnaround time happen when there is a gap in knowledge in the request and communication needs to go back to client to validate certain pieces of information. 


    What do we need to do to submit requests for certain requests?

    That information is documented and was addressed at the training session.  It is being posted on a webpage that will be available in the near future.


    Who gets the email notification that a request has been processed?

    The requester who sent in the original Pinnacle request will get the notification that it has been processed.


    What has been the single most frustrating thing about how we have delivered UC services, and how should we fix that?

    *Feedback: Student workers in OBFS! What is the process for getting them setup? Who do I contact for assistance? Job aids on the UC/Lync pages please.

    *Feedback: We have had difficulties with getting UC service for emeritus faculty because they are in this grey area.  Some of them still teach.  Some are winding down their labs, but still are part of our department.  Delay in installing data ports.  I've got one person who is still waiting for service and it's been over two months since request was put in.


    I heard you are backed up in processing requests.  I sent a request in on 9/6 and haven’t heard anything back.

    Some requests take longer due to having to validate information in the request and due to people involved in processing being out.  We are in the process of training more people to be able to take requests as well.


    Are their certain groups of people in your department which the delivery of UC services has been particularly difficult for?

    *Feedback: Definitely student workers. 

    *Feedback: Emeritus and post-docs.


    We are a unit from Chicago and our IT pro is on a CISCO system and we need someone who can work with unusual cases such as ourselves.  Our phones consistently don’t work because of computer problems.

    If the phones are not working because of persistent computer issues, there is assistance available for that.  For numbers that have been ported, currently there is no option to reverse-port those numbers but you can use IP phones or forward the number from Lync to a new Centrex number.  Note that there is a monthly reoccurring charge for Centrex lines that will increase as the number of Centrex lines decrease.


    Do you have a recommendation for a Lync device that works with hearing aids? I realize this is a somewhat unusual question, but this campus is known for its accessibility, and we'd like to make Lync easier for hearing-impaired users.


    What should CITES stop doing in how they deliver UC services?

    *Feedback: It would also be helpful if there was an easier way to handle the phone bills.  When they come in they have to be physically distributed to the people who are responsible for the charges.  It's such a waste of paper when their individual long distance bills are under $10-25.  It costs more in paper and man hours to ask someone to pay for a 25 cent call.

    Is there a reason for Pinnacle requests and can you make it go away?

    The primary reason you are asked to go into Pinnacle is to have one spot to track everything.  Common area accounts and role-based accounts now only need to be requested through Pinnacle without an LCDS2 spreadsheet.

    *Feedback: Pinnacle should be an easy web form to input just the necessary information for the requested account(s).   


    What should CITES keep doing in how they deliver UC services?

    *Feedback: Keep the phone line and the staff! It is so nice to be able to call and get a familiar voice.


    This semester you did automatic provisioning for graduate students.  Is that going to be the process moving forward?

    This is something that we did this semester by setting a date that all active graduate students by that date would be provisioned Lync-to-Lync accounts.  We are open to feedback as to if this is something that would be preferred in the future.

    *Feedback: Many would like that to be the process as there are many grad students coming in.  Instead of one activation date, would like them provisioned with a Lync account when they get an Exchange account.  It seems like you could provision them with the appropriate level.  For faculty, it would not be preferred to provision them phone numbers automatically because we don’t know if that’s what their department wants. 


    What should CITES start doing in how they deliver UC services?

    *Feedback: Develop procedures and step-by-step instructions for Pinnacle on how to make the different types of requests.


    When a telecom coordinator requests a Lync account with a phone number, they obviously need an Exchange account for the user as well so why can’t that happen at the same time?

    The individual needs to know that they have an exchange account.  We’ve run into problems where an exchange account is created for a person but they don’t know that they have the account and they are getting emails that they aren’t aware of. 


    As we have retirees who have their numbers suspended and want to reclaim those  numbers when they come back as faculty, is there an easy way in Pinnacle to track and reclaim those numbers?

    *Feedback: Once NESSIE shows that a faculty has retired, the number is suspended for 3 months.  Departments want to be able to hold onto that number so that it is easy to give retired faculty their old numbers back when they are reinstated.


    The LCDS2 was nice for bulk requests but for accounts that now have unique setups, it would be nicer to meet in person with someone to set up the account and test it and get it done.

    This is definitely something that will be considered.