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  • Anne Tyng

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    Remembering the late architectural theorist, Anne Tyng.

    Anne Tyng, most famous for work in the architecture department at the University of Pennsylvania and her work and relationship with architect Louis Kahn, passed away on December 27 at age 91. Tyng was  known and respected for her professional and academic contributions to the theory of architecture, and she was additionally respected as one of few women working in architecture in the forties and fifties. Tyng was the first woman to graduate from Harvard's Graduate School of Design where she studied under Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer. She is pictured here with her Tyng Toy - a modular toy designed by Tyng and sold in the 1950s that exhibits her fascination with geometry in architecture. Having studied with Buckminster Fuller, Tyng was always very interested in the architectural applications of geometric shapes; she was commissioned to produce an installation for the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia and the Graham Foundation entitled, "Anne Tyng: Inhabiting Geometry". 

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