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  • Le Corbusier's Plans

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    Le Corbusier’s Plans: From the idea to the project (call number 720.944J34lp)
    This set provides the comprehensive digital archive of Le Corbusier’s architectural work. It
    allows complete access to nearly 35,000 plans, diagrams and drawings of the architect, Le
    Corbusier. The Le Corbusier Plans have been assembled in 16-DVD volumes contained in four
    boxes. The set provides high-resolution diagrams of the original plans with ability to zoom in
    and out, numerous photographs of the built and un-built projects, commentaries by renowned
    architects and architectural historians, and the option of printing the documents and images. The
    set is complementary to our thirty-two volume work of the complete plans of Le Corbusier.
    Please direct questions or comments to Jane Block (block3@illinois.edu)

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