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  • A Cabinet of Curiosity: The Library's Dead Time

    The performance by Julia Pollack and Bonnie Mak will take the viewer on a guided tour through the practices of the librarian in the collection, classification, and curation of information. Pollack and Mak use the notion of the 'cabinet of curiosities' as a framework for exploring the unexamined workings of the library and its personnel.

    The performance will explore the following themes:  "Dissection: a physiology of an object," which considers how information might be compiled in a book or online; "Tupperware Party," an exploration of information infrastructures; and "Masked Labour," a meditation on the human costs of digitizing resources.

    Performances will be held at Figure One Gallery and include a reception on Friday evening sponsored by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science and the School of Art + Design.

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