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  • Professor Sarah Wisseman: "Mummies of the World and Advances in Mummy Science'

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    Sarah Wisseman is the director of the Program on Ancient Technologies and Archaeological Materials (ATAM) at UIUC - an interdisciplinary research unit that is now part of the Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS). ATAM focuses on improving teaching in archaeological science, or archaeometry, which unites archaeology, art history, museology, and the natural sciences. 

    Before joining ATAM, Wisseman worked as a curator at the Spurlock Museum. Her recent research has included provenance studies of North American pipestones, replication and compositional studies of Roman and North American pottery, and an interdisciplinary study of the medical history and embalming practices of an Egyptian mummy. Wisseman published The Virtual Mummy (University of Illinois, 2003). 

    For more information about Wisseman's research and ATAM, visit their website.

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