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CAP Meeting Minutes

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  • October 2011 Minutes

    CAP Meeting Minutes - October 2011

    CAP Meeting Minutes

    October 6, 2011

    Attendance: Michelle Bergman (1), Wayne Stahl (1),Brad Mahaffey (2), Kimberly Brown (3), Jim Witte (3), Jonathan Howell (4), Erica Malloch (4), Karen McLaughlin (5), Rick Atterberry (5), Gary Letterly (6), Julie Mumbower (6), Betoel Escobar (7), Veronica Kann (7), Liezl Bowman (8), Sandra Carroll (8), Tom Korder (9), Melissa Madsen (9), Robbie Bauer (10), Elizabeth Rockman (10), Kingsley Allan (11), Sue Key (11), Cheryl Hahn (substitute ex officio)

    I               Call to order                 At about 1 pm

    II             Public Comment            None

    III            Review of Minutes          Approved

    IV            AHR Report                    Academic Professional Development Fund funded 37 of 40 applicants for a total of $17,305.

    V             Unfinished Business

    UIUC Position Audit was completed. Nearly 50 were interviewed of 200 job descriptions submitted. Health Insurance open enrollment is underway. Christie and Personal Care are still to reach an agreement. No news on pensions.

    Michelle reported regarding redistricting, and that it is being put off until after the election cycle. Changes are being planned to stagger the Senate and CAP elections. CAPE Award nominations are underway.

    Liezl has taken a job in another district. Sue Key is taking her spot on the Faculty Assistance Program. Liezl will continue to be chair of CAPE committee. Now District 8 has an opening.

    Human Capital Strategies was presented at UPPAC. Wayne presented regarding this here.   ARR started in ’09, and June 8, 2010 report recommended this. A group is being assembled to define the strategy. There will be a time commitment for the group. The job description was provided by Wayne.

    A Climate Survey was launched recently by Pres Hogan’s email. Rick is disappointed that we weren’t given more input. Data analysis will be made available to CAP. District 8 has a seat open on CAP. All employee expo presentation slots were solicited and filled. Rick is making request of Elyne for signage.

    Brad and Kostas are doing a town hall for their own district.

    Rick will request of Maureen Park the listing of titles being converted.

    Rick attended Senate Exec Committee. Major items of business were communications policy and the major blow up regarding leadership happening in senate conference which is for all 3 campuses. Urbana and Chicago are attempting to keep Springfield from being chair.

    Faculty Benefits Committee representative reported. Website link will be sent later. Rick reported BOT meeting was mostly closed for execute session.

    V             Communications Committee

    CAP discussed an upcoming letter to CAP members. Jim mentioned the reclassification blog as a venue for this type of communication.   Rick mentioned the plan to have CAP and AP Senators have a quarterly meeting.

    VI            Grievance Training          Karen gave grievance training.



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