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CAP Meeting Minutes

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  • January 2012 Minutes

    CAP Meeting Minutes

    January 5, 2012

    Attendance:  Michelle Bergman (1), Wayne Stahl (1), Brad Mahaffey  (2), Konstantinos N Yfantis (2), Jim Witte (3), Jonathan Howell  (4), Erica Malloch (4), Karen McLaughlin (5), Rick Atterberry (5), Julie Mumbower (6), Gary Letterly (6), Veronica Kann (7), Betoel Escobar (7),  Sandra Carroll (8), Tom Korder (9), Melissa Madsen (9), Robbie Bauer (10), Kingsley Allan (11), Sue Key (11), Elyne Cole (ex officio),

    I               Call to order                       1:06 pm

    II             Guest Presentation        Chancellor Wise

    APs are clearly the engine of the university.  Whenever she meets with groups she asks fundamental questions of why did you come to UI?  What is about the distinctiveness of UI that makes you want to be here?  What will the future challenges of society be, and what is the role of universities?  How do we prepare now to meet those challenges?  Mike Helenthal took notes for the Chancellors question and answer session.  She ended her presentation at 2:10 pm.

    III            Public Comment               None

    IV            Review of Minutes          Approved

    V             AHR Report                        Elyne reported nothing new regarding budget which is reasonably good.  Academic Professional Development Fund (APDF) awarded to 52 of 55 applicants.  $26K of $75K has been committed.  Kostas reported he contacted the press to write a story on APDF.  We should all let our colleagues know about APDF.  Requests need to be made 2 weeks in advance, and the expectation is the department will contribute, but it isn’t necessarily half.  APDF awards are limited to $500.

    VI            Communications Committee      Melissa requests ideas for the newsletter and bios for the website.

    VII          Unfinished Business

    Rick reports there is not much new regarding AP conversions and pensions.

    VIII         Committee Reports

    CAPE awards committee has selected the 12 finalists and the requests for 3 letters of reference were made.  The field of candidates will be narrowed down to 6 in February.

    Kostas provided an update on elections.  AP Senator elections will be held in March, and CAP member elections in April.  Four of seven AP senator seats will be elected.  Involved districts are 2, 6, 8 & 9.  Deans of these districts will be generating lists of the AP electorate.  CAP members are to contact deans to pass along information and lists.  The deans will have from February 1 to 15 to decide.  Vice Provost Wilson will handle passing on the message to the Deans Council by having a discussion with them particularly regarding the disparity between districts in electorate size.

    Kostas reports bylaws will be consolidated into one document.  That document with some changes will be presented to CAP with a reading in February and 2nd reading in March.

    There is a District 5 vacancy.  The only candidate, Linda Smith, was approved as representative. 

    Sandy was voted Grievance Chair and Jonathan as assistant. 

    Rick will talk with Matt Wheeler the chair of the senate regarding AP representation on search committees to ensure we don’t lose ground over previous searches where AP representation was sought from CAP.

    The Senate Executive Committee December meeting was mostly about enrollment management policies and exam schedule.

    Sandy reported on Campus Operations Committee.  The green low emission vehicles stalls have been eliminated. 

    Redistricting Committee reports they will report in February.

    IX            Grievance           None

    X             Adjournment    3:00 pm


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