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CAP Meeting Minutes

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  • April 2012 Minutes

    CAP Meeting Minutes

    April 4, 2012

    Attendance:  Michelle Bergman (1), Brad Mahaffey  (2), Konstantinos N Yfantis (2), Erica Malloch (4), Jonathan Howell (4), Rick Atterberry (5), Linda Smith (5), Betoel Escobar (7), Veronica Kann (7), Sandra Carroll (8), Tim Flannigan (8), Tom Korder (9), Robbie Bauer (10), Elizabeth Rockman (10), Kingsley Allan (11), Elyne Cole (ex officio)

    I               Call to Order                       1:07 pm

    II             Public Comments             None

    III            Review of Minutes          March minutes approved; February minutes are still outstanding

    IV            AHR Report       

    Elyne reported there isn’t anything new on the budget, but we are in good shape as a university.  APDF received an increase in applications probably due to a recent article.  80 of 84 requests have been funded for a total of $38,295 of the budgeted $75,000.  Three requests are pending.  Elyne has instructed her staff answering that while match is usually 50%, requests should be encouraged because exceptions can be made.  Chancellor is interested in feedback regarding Provost search.  Rehiring retirees is the subject of a bill currently before the house.  It proposes if a retiree works more than a 18 weeks in a calendar year then the university has to pay into SURS.  Another bill will disallow state funds for use with search committees.  Similar to last year the health benefits enrollment will be complicated, and have multiple enrollment periods.

    V             Communications Committee      No report

    VI            Unfinished Business

    AP Civil Service Audit – Monday is a meeting between HR and SUCCS to talk about the audit.  Disputed findings involve Extra Help non-compliance, Academic Hourlies, temporary upgrades, too many administrative layers between person doing job and top administrators, and positions earning less than $40K.  Coordinator, Analyst, Assistant to, and Specialist are titles audited the most.   JCAR process is still underway, and everyone is encouraged to comment formally.  Rick will send out a message to encourage response.

    CAPE award ceremony is this afternoon.  Less than 40 nominations were received resulting in 6 awardees.  The committee used a wiki to help in selection process.

    Kostas reported engagement in AP Senator elections is way up.  Kostas announced winners, and a runoff election.  Deans allowed more APs to be part of electorate (up 20%), but there is still inequity between the decision of deans.

    Bylaw revisions were accepted on a 15 to 0 vote.  Rick reported regarding his effort to keep CAP involved in search committees for top administrative positions.  Rick received positive feedback from administrators regarding the CAP letter referring to the ethics statement.

    VII          New Business/Announcements

    Linda, Wayne, Julie, Veronica, Tim, Kostas, Elizabeth, and Kingsley are up for reelection.  Self-nominations are being sought for these seats.  April 23 is election day.

    Mary Ellen reported the Senate discussed severe sanctions short of dismissal.  Also noted was many other big schools don’t offer the tuition waiver benefit UI does.

    Elizabeth reported on the Public Engagement committee. 

    Michelle briefly reported on the redistricting committee.  Redistricting will be discussed at the July meeting.

    VIII         Closed Session

    The following committee representatives were selected: Budget – Greg Knott;  Committee on Committees – Mary Ellen O’Shaughnessy; Equal Opportunity – Alejandra Aguero; IT – Lauri Quick; University Student Life – Kathryn Martensen; USSP – none selected.

    IX            Adjournment    Meeting adjourned at 4 pm.

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