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  • Expectations

    Have your friends ever told you about a movie that you hadn't seen yet, and they just kept raving about how good it was? For me, that movie was The Hangover. It was a funny flick (an instant classic really), but it was a bit of a letdown because my expectations were SO high.

    About a year ago (to help manage my expectations about the program) a couple of U of I EMBA grads told me about a class…two classes really…a module. They said that not many people had seen the module, but those that survived knew EXACTLY what Andy Dufresne’s first couple of years at Shawshank felt like! They even spoke of it in hushed tones so as not to awaken its evil spirit. It's been called "module 5"..."Quantzilla"..."Satan’s favorite hobby". I now know it as "Module 3".  

    And let me tell you...it exceeded all of my expectations! Here's what I mean...

    I expected…to learn how to apply stats to my marketing projects at work.
    I did not expect…that my eight years of marketing surveys may have been tainted with biased samples.  "Whatchoo talkin’ ‘bout, Fataneh?!"

    I expected…that I would not be able to watch much football due to my heavy course load.
    I did not expect…NOT to miss football at all (next I'll be rooting for teams based on their uniform colors -- pray for me).

    I expected…that it would take eight hours to finish my Financial Accounting final exam.
    I did not expect…that it would take TWO seasons of "Breaking Bad" to finish it.  SPOILER ALERT...Walter White IS the danger!!!
    I expected…that I would have enough time to blog last month.
    I did not expect…to go weeks at a time forgetting how to talk to people normally let alone write a blog ("Hi, can I get a regression model with cheese and a small bell curve?  Y’all take subscription payments?”)

    All that said, Module 3 sort of personifies why I'm here. Getting an EMBA is not easy because it's not supposed to be. If it were, then everyone would have one. I mean, it's what I should have expected...right?  Either way, now I know what Andy felt like when he tasted sweet, sweet freedom!

    Yours Truly,
    Ellis Boyd "Red" Redding


    Matthew Coleman
    Illinois EMBA 2015

annarin2@illinois.edu Mar 1, 2014 10:25 am


This blog EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS (not that I had many for the blog to begin with, but you just set your own bar fairly high - just sayin')!  As a fellow "Module 3 Survivor", thank you for the realistic viewpoint along with the touch....or heavy dose....of humor.  Well done my friend.  

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