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  • Welcome Back DeBrock!

    Welcome Back DeBrock!

    Just when I thought our class would not hear from our Economics Professor anytime soon, he resurfaced. Professor Lawrence DeBrock is the Dean of the College of Business and a very busy man. So, naturally I made the assumption that after teaching our EMBA class (2013) he was attending to other such important affairs and had moved on.

    I am delighted to say; he recently touched base with our class and gave us more information as it relates to business and a very controversial subject, Health Care. I have been advocating for one argument related to health care for some time now and now it appears that arguments are being heard to the extent the United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear the arguments and present their opinions. Typically the SCOTUS rules in regards to how they were appointed. That is to say, if a conservative president has appointed the Justice, that’s typically how they rule. Interestingly enough the court is approximately 5/4 split on everything. Thus, the Justices opinions don’t seem very fair and impartial, they seem like they are simply personal opinions these days. For some of you reading this you may be appalled that I can say such a thing, but I tell you, I call it like I see it. In the meantime I educate myself on everything I can get my hands on related to such an opinion and if asked, I truthfully present my argument or opinion according to the facts. It is then your job to fact check like crazy. DeBrock did not weigh in on an opinion and rightfully so. Even if he had, he has taught us to be students of integrity, independent thinkers with collaborative team execution. As one of the fine professors in this program, I am grateful that he continues to take time out to interject humor, real life situations and circumstances in an effort to stimulate us students academically.

    Recently, I had the good fortune while away on business in New York to visit an Ivy League school with my son. I have always stressed to him to be an independent thinker and walk with integrity in all he does. So as we walked the campus of Columbia University we noticed the goddess, Athena. Athena was prominently displayed in statues, on ceiling paintings, in sculpture, in literature and in scribe on many walls throughout the university. The message was subtle yet clear, ‘Denounce Ignorance’ and embrace the opportunity to learn and seek education.

    It is when I receive emails from an important faculty staff member, I know I have the opportunity to embrace and enhance my learning experience and add value to my education. To continue to receive ‘Econ in the News’ as I call It, Priceless. DeBrock you are welcome anytime…Welcome Back!

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