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  • Immersion Weekend

    Let me start by stating, I have been waiting for this immersion weekend for months.  For starters, I love my home campus so much so that I keep an apartment there, I love the ARC (the rec center), Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, The Quad, Rosati’s pizza and yes, Papa Del’s…so you get my drift right? My old apartment building (almost 29 years ago) was located at 910 W. California which is now the Alice Campbell Alumni Center! Well, back to immersion weekend. I missed it. I was unable to attend. Can you believe it?

    The courses that were offered immersion weekend are so well suited to my future career path and one of the reasons I am working towards my EMBA. IP (Intellectual Property) and Corporate Governance have fascinated me over the past five years. I have had the good fortune to work with some of the best law firms in the country related to these matters. As such, you can imagine my disappointment when I could not make the class commitment. However, I am very fortunate that the course work readings are excellent reference material and the videos are available to view and take it all in. I am planning to work with law firms and employers in light of implementing meaningful processes and proper methods of protocol that will ease the tension between firms and employees that have led to counter productive and costly litigation. I have participated in several mediations and have been responsible for meaningful program change that both firms and employees have found tremendous value. In the future I plan to add this meaningful work to my firm’s repertoire in addition to our current offerings such as business strategy and work flow analysis. Thus, knowledge about IP and corporate governance will be paramount to my firm’s success.

    So what was the dish regarding immersion weekend? Well, one of our gracious classmates opened her home to host our entire class, another classmate took NCAA Madness pool money and bought everyone Papa Del’s, there was a golf outing in which one of our professors planned along with our class, there were bar parties, scavenger hunts and everyone I spoke with thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and had an opportunity to bond with each other and UIUC’s MBA candidates.

    Orange and Blue was in the air and the spirit of the ILLINI lives on. As an EMBA student with a much anticipated 2013 graduation, I am over the moon with my program accomplishments thus far. I work fulltime, have a very demanding family and the EMBA classes have me moving at warped speed, yet I am able to keep up! As a class we are at the one year mark and cannot believe how we hit that milestone so quickly. I am elated and as Maya Angelou has quoted, “I wouldn’t take nothing for my journey”.

    All the Best,

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